Boston mayor Marty Walsh on GHS: I wouldn't have kicked Tom Brady out of the park


Boston mayor Marty Walsh went on The Greg Hill Show Wednesday morning to offer another example of why he believed Tom Brady made a mistake not staying with the Patriots.

The opportunity to make a case that Boston might have been a better place for Brady came when Walsh was asked about the incident in Tampa where the quarterback was kicked out of a park while throwing a football.

"If Tom Brady stayed … There are some exceptions I would make and having Tom Brady throw a football, I probably maybe would have looked the other way on that one," Walsh joked. "But he goes to Tampa Bay and that’s what he gets, getting thrown out of the park. So it serves him right."

The incident in Tampa came earlier this month when a city employee asked Brady to leave the closed park during the city's stay-at-home order.

Tampa's mayor Jane Castor used the opportunity to construct a tongue-in-cheek public apology to Brady, writing, "Tom, my apologies for the miscommunication when you arrived — not the best first impression,” Castor wrote in a letter posted to Twitter. “But given my law enforcement background, I couldn’t help but have someone investigate the sighting of a G.O.A.T. running wild in one of our beautiful city parks. ... No harm – no foul, and thanks for being a good sport!"

Sorry @TomBrady! Our @tampaparksrec team can’t wait to welcome you and our entire community back with even bigger smiles -- until then, stay safe and stay home as much as you can to help flatten the curve.

— City of Tampa (@CityofTampa) April 21, 2020