Believe it or not, Bobby Dalbec hung out with Bruno Mars, Blink-182 before big leaguers


FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Red Sox thought it was a good idea for some of the younger players to introduce themselves to the rest of the team. So, Bobby Dalbec was first to go Thursday morning.

"You just have to stand up and tell the team about myself, something people should know," Dalbec explained.

It was a presentation that would be punctuated by the Red Sox displaying Dalbec's Twitter page, showing the photo of the Sox prospect sitting in a chair on the beach in Hawaii along with an unacceptable number of followers. It led to David Price imploring folks to get the prospect's number of followers up exponentially. (It worked.)

Wow @bobbydalbec is almost to 10k followers!! Let’s just push it to 15k #redsoxnation #hesgotpop

— David Price (@DAVIDprice24) March 1, 2019

But that wasn't the biggest takeaway when it came to getting to know the 23-year-old.

"I just told them how much I was into music," he noted.

At it turns out, before Dalbec ever got the chance to hang around these major leaguers his brush with greatness included a laundry list of musical superstars.

Bruno Mars. Rob Thomas. Kid Rock. Robert Plant. Blink-182.

Dalbec is now even talking to the group "Portugal. The Man" about conducting a special walk-up song for the third baseman's at-bats.

This world Dalbec was introduced to as a youngster was thanks to his father, Tim, who has spent 35 years at Atlantic Records and currently holds the title of the Vice-President of Promotion for the music company.

"I grew up with Classic Rock and all that stuff," said Dalbec, who lists "Queen" as his favorite group. "I’m super into it."

While Dalbec's career path has taken him toward baseball and away from his father's industry, the infielder has recently found a way to integrate the two. This past offseason he splurged on a keyboard. "It's got all the bells and whistles," he said. 

"Trying to learn it. It’s pretty hard," Dalbec added. "But it’s pretty cool for the mind and coordination. It makes your brain work a little bit. I’ve just always wanted to learn. I tried guitar but it wasn’t working for me and then this offseason I got on a big Elton John and Billy Joel kick."

Early returns would suggest the Colorado native will find his way in the world of baseball. But ...

"If I wasn’t doing this," he said, "I would be in the music business."