John Harbaugh says he was celebrating Patriots not taking receiver


The image of John Harbaugh celebrating at his home in the heart of the NFL Draft's third round was a moment many were wondering about. It turns out the jubilation had something to with a decision the Patriots made.

Picking at No. 92, Harbaugh and Co. had their sights set on Texas wide receiver Devin Duvernay. But when the Patriots decided to trade up and move into spot No. 91 the coach got a bit nervous.

But as it turned out Bill Belichick's target was another Devin -- UCLA tight end Devin Asiasi. For Harbaugh, it was time to cut loose.

"It was Duvernay," Harbaugh told ESPN. "We were planning that out. We had those three picks there. We kind of had the order and we ended up getting all three guys in line. We got Duvernay, we got (linebacker Malik) Harrison and then we got (offensive tackle Tyre) Phillips with the last pick in the third round. We had ordered it up and w were hoping to get those three guys and we felt like we had to get Devin first in the order. So when the trade was made with New England I had a little concern because Coach Belichick, you know, he's a smart guy and they probably could have used a receiver too. They took a really good tight end. I thought for a second they were going to take him but they didn't, they took the other Devin, Asiasi, the tight end from UCLA, so we got our Devin so I was very fired up about that."

John Harbaugh said this was his reaction to the Ravens getting Texas WR Devin Duvernay last night. Called Duvernay one of his favorite receivers in the #NFLDraft

— Jeff Barker (@JeffBarker_) April 25, 2020