Oddsmakers optimistic about Red Sox chances in 2020


An uncertain top of the rotation. The potential of not having J.D. Martinez. A contract year for Mookie Betts. A perceived lack of organizational depth. All concerns that most would surface when trying to get a read on the Red Sox' chances in 2020.

Evidently, some oddsmakers aren't all that worried.

According to Betonline.ag the Red Sox have the fourth-best chance of all big-league teams to win the World Series, sitting with 12-to-1 odds to win next year's World Series. 

The Astros are the favorites at 5-to-1, with the Nationals and Yankees each coming in at 8-to-1. The Red Sox are even with the Dodgers -- a team many identified as the best in baseball for much of the 2019 season.

The Brewers and Mets are directly behind Boston and Los Angeles at 14-to-1. The Orioles are the biggest long-shots at 250-to-1.

Here is the complete list:

Odds to win the 2020 World Series

Houston Astros                          5/1

New York Yankees                     8/1

Washington Nationals                8/1

Boston Red Sox                         12/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 12/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    14/1

New York Mets                           14/1

Atlanta Braves                            16/1

Cleveland Indians                       16/1

Minnesota Twins                        16/1

Chicago Cubs                             20/1

Tampa Bay Rays                        20/1

Colorado Rockies                       25/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   25/1

St Louis Cardinals                      25/1

Cincinnati Reds                          33/1

Los Angeles Angels                   33/1

Oakland Athletics                       33/1

San Francisco Giants                 33/1

San Diego Padres                      40/1

Arizona Diamondbacks              50/1

Chicago White Sox                     50/1

Kansas City Royals                    50/1

Seattle Mariners                         50/1

Texas Rangers                           50/1

Miami Marlins                             100/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                       100/1

Toronto Blue Jays                      100/1

Detroit Tigers                              150/1

Baltimore Orioles                       250/1