Peter King on D&K: Patriots currently one of 3 logical landing spots for Cam Newton, Jameis Winston


Judging by the Patriots' salary cap predicament and their perceived confidence in Jarrett Stidham, it doesn't appear likely that free agent quarterbacks Cam Newton or Jameis Winston will find a home in New England.

But when appearing on the Dale & Keefe Show Friday, Sports Illustrated's Peter King identified the three teams that he believed both QBs should be targeting, and one of them is coached by Bill Belichick.

"It's logical to think ... Look, if I'm Cam Newton and I am Jameis Winston I would sign with only three teams as of right now, as of right now," King said. "Unless a mystery team like the Chargers, for instance, would say it will be an even competition with you and Tyrod Taylor and I don't think they would say that. So I wouldn't sign anywhere unless it was either Pittsburgh to work for one year behind (Ben) Roethlisberger and likely be the quarterback in 2021 or New England, and obviously, that would be a unique circumstance because Belichick