Eck's response to Marcus Stroman: 'I get it'


After the Blue Jays' win over the Red Sox Sunday, Toronto pitcher Marcus Stroman went on a Twitter offensive toward NESN analyst Dennis Eckersley regarding comments made about Stroman's animated demeanor on the mound.

Monday Stroman highlighted those who pointed out Eckersley pitched in a similar fashion during his playing days.

Talking exclusively to Monday afternoon, Eckersley offered a brief statement regarding the controversy:

"I get it, where he's coming from. There was a lot of people who thought I was tired too."

Literally, this guy's telling someone how to celebrate?!

That's not Dennis Eckersley calling Stroman's celebrations "tired," is it?

Eckersley later went on the Red Sox Radio Network pregame show with Will Fleming to discuss the incident further:

"He was aggressive and animated on the mound, and he was known for his intimidating stare and pumping his fist after a strikeout. " a pot is screaming at a kettle.— Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) June 23, 2019