Steve Pearce talks potential retirement on Bradfo Sho


Steve Pearce is at a career crossroads, one which he discussed in his appearance on the Bradfo Sho podcast.

Pearce is coming off a 2019 season that saw the 36-year-old only play in 29 games, finishing with a .180 batting average and .530 OPS. He struggled with injuries starting in spring training, not having played a regular-season game after May.

The 2018 World Series MVP explained that he will be using the coming weeks to do two things: 1. Watch his favorite team, the Patriots; and 2. Make an educated decision regarding retirement.

"I’m just going to sit at home and I’m watching football. That’s my plan," Pearce said. "I’m going to decompress. It was a long year. I only had 100 at-bats so it wasn’t that bad but I hit .180 and rehabbed the whole entire year and struggled to find my swing. It has been a really long year so I would hate to make my decision right now based on the year I just had with baseball still being so close. I need to step away from the game a little bit and sit down with my family and make a decision."

Along with retirement, Pearce detailed the struggles he went through during the 2019 season while revisiting key moments from his postseason heroics. (There is also a breakdown of the current state of the Patriots.)