Adam Schefter on OMF gives updates on Tom Brady's contract, Kyle Rudolph's status


ESPN's Adam Schefter joined Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Friday afternoon and touched on two subjects relating to the Patriots -- Tom Brady's contract and tight end Kyle Rudolph, who is still in Minnesota.

Brady still hasn't signed an extension, which is unusual because this is the last year of his deal and he currently has a $27 million cap hit.

“He’s going into his last year, and let me say this, I don’t know anything. … On Brady, there has not been a lot of conversation that I have heard," Schefter said. "I just think from a common sense standpoint, when you look at his deals, he’s done [extensions] earlier in the offseason. We’re now into June and he hasn’t done it yet, so the whole thing is interesting to me and I don’t know how it will get resolved.”

As for Rudolph, he's also in the last year of his contract and the Vikings don't appear to want to pay him the $7.5 million is due after drafting Irv Smith. But, the two sides appear to be on better teams and likely will work something out.

“I think that [the Patriots] have had conversations with the Vikings and I think the Vikings have wanted too much," said Schefter. "I think that unless the Vikings’ stance changes, the Patriots aren’t about to give up a premium pick, and I don’t mean a first-round pick, a premium pick for a guy going into the last year of his contract at this time. If Minnesota changes its mind and is like, ‘You know what we like Irv Smith. He’s looked good in camp.’ … Then they could move on from Kyle Rudolph. But, Minnesota is trying to win this year and Minnesota feels like it has a pretty good team. Today, on June 7, I would say they would not be inclined to move him.”

Schefter did say perhaps during training camp the Patriots aren't pleased with their tight end depth and up what they are offering, but as of now it seems like Rudolph will not be going anywhere.