Chase Winovich explains why he's tweeting so much about milk lately


Looking at Chase Winovich's Twitter account lately, it would be hard not to notice the number of times he's tweeted about milk.

Speaking via video conference Tuesday, the second-year player explained why.

"OK, so this is a bit of a longer story, but recently in the offseason, I have a YouTube channel called 'Wino On A Quest' and we actually went to Vermont, it's called Liberty Hill Farms," he said. "There's an Airbnb, not sure how it operates with COVID and stuff, but I got the opportunity to meet all the cows and actually milk some. It's a super-dramatic story. It was an awesome time. I really just fell in love with the process. Already had a love for milk.

"I've been tweeting about milk for years. I think I tweeted, 'Nothing like the feeling of milk running through your mustache' a couple years ago. ... But yeah, as well as that, my cousin also is a dairy farmer in the Pittsburgh region, Lancaster County, Amish country. I know that's a lot of answer."

Added Winovich: “I feel like there’s a subtle war against milk. I obviously enjoy milk. I think dairy farmers do excellent work around this country. We need to appreciate them and the beautiful cows that are also milked and produce this delicious milk.”

As for what he's doing on the field, Winovich indicated he could have more of a leadership role in 2020.

"For me - this is a more complicated answer, I suppose - but going back to my time, at Michigan I’d say I was always kind of afraid of being a hypocrite, so I made sure that before I would say anything, I made sure that was secure," he said. "Now it’s like - being into my second year, there’s certain people that I feel like I can really influence with words and just little tidbits. Being at the pro level, there’s a lot of little - they call them ‘vet tricks,’ and technique changes that can kind of really help you adjust, because some people didn’t play special teams in college, so I had to kind of re-learn that.

"And there’s certain things that helped me there that I’m definitely trying to pass on. But really, there’s a lot of knowledge and a lot of leadership, I’d say, just across the board. A lot of guys love football. And drinking milk."

With so many linebackers departing this past offseason, Winovich will be counted on to be even better than he was last season.