Trey Flowers explains how Matt Patricia impacted his decision to sign with Lions


Not only did $56 million guaranteed from the Lions help with Trey Flowers' decision to sign with Detroit, but also getting the chance to reunite with Matt Patricia, his former defensive coordinator.

Speaking at his introductory press conference Thursday, Flowers acknowledged that familiarity helped.

“He kind of taught me a lot of things, developed me, I developed through his system and things, so he’s just a great guy to work for,” Flowers said to reporters. “Obviously, he demands high standards of excellence from his players and when you get somebody that can challenge you like that, day in and day out for you to continue to get better, them are the type of guys you want to play for cause they’re expecting highly of you and they want you to be a success.”

Flowers is coming off a year where he had a career-high 7.5 sacks and he won his second Super Bowl with the Patriots.

Despite the money, Flowers needed to explain the move to his six-year old daughter as she didn't want to leave New England.

“I just kind of hinted it to her that, ‘What if Daddy is a Lion. You like lions?’ ” Flowers said at his introductory news conference Thursday. “Obviously, a 6-year-old, she’s like, ‘Nah, I want you to stay with the Patriots,’ all this. But then I told her, cause her favorite color’s blue, so I said, ‘They got blue. Blue’s your favorite color.’ She kind of said, ‘Ah, OK, I guess.’

“So it’s just things like that. Bring your family along, I think that’s very important for me is just kind of, when your family gets involved and I think she’s watched the games, she’s been to quite a few games. She probably didn’t pay attention as much, but I think she’s excited. She understands that we’re going to be able to buy a little bit more McDonalds."