Jarrett Stidham on GHS: Every day is a competition with Patriots quarterbacks


Based on what we've seen over the last week or so with how training camp reps have been split up, it seems more likely than not Cam Newton will be the Patriots' Week 1 starter against Miami.

With that being said, Jarrett Stidham is still viewing each day like a competition because that is what he's always done.

“I definitely think it is always a competition," he said Monday on The Greg Hill Show. "That is how I always look at it. I look at every day as obviously a competition within the room, but also a competition for myself, against myself. I have always looked at it as every day I want to go out there and get better at something and try not to make the same mistake I made yesterday or the day before. For me, it’s always looked at as a competition whether you’re playing behind Tom Brady every single day like I was last year, or playing alongside Cam and Hoy (Brian Hoyer) this year, whatever it may be. It’s just how I have always looked at it.”

Some may have thought Stidham wasn't a huge fan of the team bringing in Newton so late in the offseason, but like he said a few weeks ago, he was excited about the addition.

“I was actually really excited for the opportunity to compete against him," he said. "Obviously, Cam and I have had a previous relationship due to Auburn and just to have another quality guy like himself in the room, obviously I knew Hoy previously because of last year and whatnot, but having Cam come in the room, he’s obviously got a ton of experience, has played a ton of great football in his career and is a great guy.

"Just to add him into the mix was great. At the end of the day, competition brings out the best in everybody and I think overall it was really good.”  

Stidham was limited in a few sessions a little over a week ago due to a reported hip injury, which even had him needing to go to a local hospital. The second-year player did not want to get into it much, but said he's feeling great now.

“I don’t want to get too much into it, but I am feeling great now," he said. "The medical team did a great job. They just wanted to check on some things and so forth. I am very thankful for the entire medical team that we have here. I am feeling good, happy to be out there and back with the guys.”

The Patriots will continue to practice this week before the rosters get cut down to 53 players on Saturday.