Jeff Goodman on M&C: Celtics should trade out of first round for picks in future drafts


It is a big night for the Celtics as they hold three first-round picks in the NBA draft -- Nos. 14, 20 and 22 -- as well as a selection in the second round.

Jeff Goodman of The Stadium joined Mut & Callahan Thursday morning to give his thoughts on what he thinks the Celtics should do, which is look towards future drafts.

“They won’t make all three picks," he said. "I can’t see them making all three. Maybe trading out of one of the picks for a future draft, that is what I will be doing if I was Danny Ainge. I would be trading out for next year or 2022, which is the draft that high school players are going to be allowed to go straight to the NBA, so that draft is going to be loaded.”

There have been some rumors the team might look to trade up into the top-five, specifically No. 4, but Goodman doesn't think that's the move, either.

“I don’t think they can," he said. "You have to realize the No. 4 pick isn’t worth trading up for. It’s just not. The difference between No. 4 and 14 is fairly minimal. To me, if I am Danny Ainge I am not giving up Jaylen Brown to move up to No. 4 and take De'Andre Hunter, who is a similar player, better shooter, better defender, a little bit longer. But, they are similar players. I don’t see them trading up to No. 4. I don’t think it’s worth it. I think David Griffin is trying to create a market for the No. 4 pick and it’s really not there right now.”

Regardless, it will be an interesting night for the Celtics.