Jim Gray explains his weekly interviews with Tom Brady, what he's learned


Not many people know Tom Brady better than Jim Gray.

Gray has interviewed Brady for roughly 10 years as part of Westwood One Radio and he almost always gets something out of the quarterback. From the beginning, Brady told Gray he would get his best every week.

"Meticulous, prepared, very responsive, on time, humble, he’s unbelievable really," Gray said in an interview with The New York Post. "He never says, “Don’t ask me anything.” If he doesn’t want to answer the question then that’s how he will respond to it, but there are no preconditions. He wrote me a handwritten note 10 years ago now before we started this. It said, “I look forward to doing the show. You’ll get the same effort out of me on Monday nights that I give my teammates on Sunday afternoons.” And that has been the case, he’s never missed a show."

He added: "He’s the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League, so any information that I can glean from him for the public advances all of us. Because where else are we getting that opportunity, besides his local radio show? He’s not doing a TV show every week. He’s not accessible to anybody else really. The fact that he does it and communicates with the fans and shares his views and bring us inside [is important]. He’s taught me a tremendous amount about personnel and circumstances, the institution."

As for the 42-year-old being a free agent, Gray says even Brady himself doesn't know how it will all play out, so there's not much to ask him about it.

"He doesn’t know," said Gray. "When he doesn’t know I am not sure how any of us can know. How many times can you ask the same question? As it evolves he will let us know. It’s not like he’s hiding something. I’ve asked him and he’s committed several times on the air to us that he’s playing next season. There’s not much he can be involved with outside the Patriots till March 18."

Gray will interview Brady for the final time this season before Super Bowl LIV.