Lawyer Milloy on OMF details what 'disgusted' him about being released from Patriots, why he's on better terms with Bill Belichick


Lawyer Milloy was one of the best safeties in the NFL going into the 2003 season and had helped rebuild the Patriots into a Super Bowl winning team a few years earlier.

But, the week before the start of the season, Bill Belichick released him in a move relating to his contract.

Milloy explained his side of things Monday on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria.

“It was obviously a pivotal part of my life, my career, when you dedicated for so many years — I was there seven years — and helped really build it from the ground up to ultimately being a champion," he said. "I think I went to my fourth Pro Bowl in five years and then I was given an ultimatum: either take a pay cut or leave it. That was up to discussion. I had good representation with Carl Poston and went the whole offseason -- the last time I talked to Bill was in June right before the veteran (time) when you can go out and seek another team and we had a discussion. He said basically, 'the worst-case scenario is you play out this year and we have to re-visit it after the season.’

"So me and my representation were in agreement with that and the Friday after the last preseason game he pulled me into the office and gives me the same ultimatum: I have until Monday to think about it. Guys get released or have these situations come up all the time, it was just the way he handled it, trying to wait until the Monday before the first game, which really disgusted me.

"But, looking back at it from a business standpoint, obviously you are trying to get the most competitive roster that you can and keep that salary down. I understand that part of it, it was more the way he did it.”

Milloy then signed with the Bills, who the Patriots ironically opened the season against, and his new team won the game, 31-0.

“I had given seven years of my heart, soul, blood and tears to not only the organization, but to the city and then obviously I was in another uniform playing against my former team in a matter of days," Milloy said. "It was a surreal moment for myself and then obviously the outcome of the game went the Bills way, my way because we won. But, it was also some closure that needed to happen. When I went into that locker room and was embraced by (Fauria) and some of my former teammates, along with the win and the sendoff in that locker room I guess was closure for me.”

The safety didn't immediately forgive Belichick and the Patriots.

“It took me awhile to even mention the Patriots the way it went down," he said.

But, with time and even Patriots fans on social media, over the last four or five years he's changed his attitude and is now on better terms with the organization.

“Surprisingly, (I) was (welcomed) with open arms with Belichick," he said. "I think he has changed over the years. He’s I guess willing to have the small talk kind of conversations, he’s smiling a little bit more -- maybe it is the young girlfriend he has now, but everything kind of lined up for me to go back.”