Brandin Cooks responds to Patrick Chung: 'We heard you talking that talk back there in Foxboro'


In a bit of a surprise, there's been a back-and-forth between the Patriots and Rams with a little trash talk.

At the Patriots' send off rally Sunday morning, safety Patrick Chung had a message for the Gillette Stadium crowd.

"We love you. I appreciate the support," he said. "We’re going to go (down) there and kick their ass, baby.”

Later in the day, the Rams held their own rally and former Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks responded.

"Hey Chung, we heard you talking that talk back there in Foxboro ... let's get straight," he said before walking off the stage.

Cooks was traded to Los Angeles last offseason.

The two teams will land in Atlanta Sunday night and not have any media obligations until Opening Night on Monday, but it appears there may be some back-and-forth that no one really expected, especially with the Patriots.

Todd Gurley: “We going to go back to the A and bring a Chip back to LA.” Then Jared Goff asks the crowd if they wanted to hear from Marcus Peters — which would have been awesome — instead, Brandin Cooks steps forward to say something about what happened earlier today in Foxboro.

— Joe Curley (@vcsjoecurley) January 27, 2019