How Patriots will make sure Jarrett Stidham is ready for Week 1 if training camp is shortened, altered


What the NFL will look like in the coming weeks and months is still up in the air.

The league remains confident the regular season will start on time in September, but with offseason workouts and meetings being held virtually, it's unclear what training camp will look like this summer. The potential is there for it to be shortened and potentially even carry over to the preseason.

For the Patriots, this impacts the development of quarterback Jarrett Stidham, as he could use all the practice reps he can get as it's expected he will take over for Tom Brady under center.

Appearing on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Thursday, former Patriots executive Mike Lombardi explained how Bill Belichick and Co. will make sure Stidham is ready.

“I think you put him under a lot of pressure situations as best you can in practice," he said. "I think you have to turn the heat up on him. You have to throw volume at him. You have to see if he can respond. I mean, that is what they will do. They will make sure he can handle it every single day. It will not be a picnic. It will not be fun. He’ll come in, (he’s) going to have to do his job. It’s no different — they put pressure on Navy SEALs every single day when they are in training. That is exactly what happens. They are going to do that every single day.”

As for how the Patriots will be in 2020? Lombardi believes things are in place for them to be better than some expect.

“The reality to me is the Patriots are a three-dimensional team," he said. "They play really well in the kicking game. They play really well on defense and they play really well on offense. And they find ways to win games depending on who their opponent is. I believe they also do things that most NFL teams don’t. I know this is going to sound really, really simple, but they don’t lose games before they play them. They don’t give games away. I think in the NFL if you don’t give games away, you have a chance to win seven or eight games alone. I think they have too great of a coach, too great of a coaching staff to think they are going to win five or six games.”