Peter King on D&K: 'Good chance' Patriots draft Tom Brady's eventual successor


Now that the Super Bowl celebrations have wrapped up, the attention is now on the offseason and specifically the NFL draft with the combine coming up later in the month.

As has been the case the last few years, the Patriots have been interested in quarterbacks and this year will be no different.

In fact, NBC Sports' Peter King believes there's a good chance the team drafts Tom Brady's eventual successor this April.

“I think there is a very good chance this year, that they are going to take the guy that they hope would be the successor to Brady," he said Thursday on Dale & Keefe. "That is going to add — I shouldn’t say very good — I think there’s a good chance, say 65 percent chance because it is not every year that you get six picks between 32 and 101 to use as currency. You’ve seen how Bill Belichick over the years has used his draft picks, to me unlike anybody since Jimmy Johnson, as currency.

"I think there’s a good chance they’re going to take that guy, so that will add some spice and some fun, if it happens to training camp and practices in June.”

The Patriots have 12 picks overall, and six in the first three rounds.

As for Greg Schiano, the new Patriots defensive coordinator, King doesn't think he's got a fair shot the past few years.

“I think Greg Schiano has gotten jobbed more than any coach on a high level over the last few years in football," he said. "Let’s go back to when he was in Tampa. Was he a nut-job with some of his rules? Yes. No question about it. Could he have not attacked the middle of the Giants offensive line when they were in victory formation? Yes, absolutely. I just don’t think you should do that. 

“But, I’ll also tell you this. He had a quarterback, Josh Freeman, who was an insubordinate person when he was the Bucs quarterback. Look, no quarterback has to, it is not mandatory you work seven days a week during the football season, and Josh Freeman didn’t think that he should work much or at all on Tuesdays. That was his day off. It was always hard for the staff to reach him. I have no idea what Schiano ever said to him, but I am sure it was something to the effect of, ‘There’s 31 other quarterbacks who work on Tuesday. You just have to do it. You have to do something. You have to look at the gameplan.’ That was part of it.

“Then in Tennessee, which was stirred up by to me by some people who don’t know Greg Schiano at all. He should be the coach of the Tennessee Volunteers right now. And I just think that he’s gotten jobbed. And again, I don’t know how well he will do. I don’t know how he will be accepted. All I am saying is I am glad to see he has a shot running the Patriots defense.”