Patriots seem very excited about second-round pick cornerback Joejuan Williams


Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio spoke on all 10 players the team selected in the NFL draft last week after each day.

One player stood out more than the others as Caserio seemed most excited about second round cornerback Joejuan Williams out of Vanderbilt.

"You’ve probably talked to him already or may have talked to him, but he's a tremendously impressive kid," Caserio said. "I would say he's very mature. He's a great person which is important. It says a lot about him and the things he's endured throughout his life. But as a player, he's got some unique attributes that not a lot of players in that position have. How that necessarily translates into our system, we'll find out. He primarily played in the perimeter at Vanderbilt. He was a perimeter corner and played against a lot of good people.

"He's a player we spent time with on a couple of different occasions. I think Coach [Bill Belichick] has made his trips to Nashville worth it here over the past however number of years. He's just an impressive kid. Where he's going to play, it's too early to determine that. What we do know is that he's played in the secondary at a good level against a lot of good people and been productive. He's a very smart kid. He [already] graduated."

Williams, who is also from Tennessee, was at the draft Friday night when he was selected.

"I’m just very excited. It’s so special, it’s so special to be drafted in my hometown, where I grew up, where I went to school," he said on a conference call. "I just want to represent for where I stay, I want to represent for the 615 and that’s something I plan on doing, bringing it up to Boston, bringing it up to Foxborough."

In three seasons at Vanderbilt, he finished with 119 tackles and four interceptions.

At 6-foot-3, he could have a unique role with the Patriots that may have him covering tight ends and even one day moving to safety.