NFL teams propose new rule changes, including Chiefs looking to tweak overtime


A number of teams proposed rule changes for the competition committee to review, including the Chiefs looking to tweak overtime. These were released Friday night.

Here is what the Chiefs proposed relating to the extra period:

-- Allow both teams the opportunity to possess the ball at least one time in overtime, even if the first team to possess the ball in overtime scores a touchdown.

-- Eliminate overtime for preseason.

-- Eliminate overtime coin toss so that winner of initial coin toss to begin game may choose whether to kick or receive, or which goal to defend.

The Chiefs fell to the Patriots in overtime of the AFC title game when they didn't get a chance to touch the ball since New England scored a touchdown on its first possession.

Here's a video of all the proposed rule changes (note: the Patriots did not propose any).

2019 rules change proposals submitted by clubs were shared with all teams today. Here’s a look at what was proposed. For the full summary, visit:

— NFL Football Operations (@NFLFootballOps) March 9, 2019