Patriots QB coach on GHS raves about Cam Newton's energy, love for game


The No. 1 thing with Cam Newton so far as a member of the Patriots that everyone has talked about is his energy.

It doesn't matter whether it is a stretching drill, or 11-on-11 full speed work, Newton is very upbeat and always cheering on his teammates.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday, Patriots QB Jedd Fisch raved about it and how genuine it is.

“Delighted to say that what you see is real, it’s genuine. It’s who he is," he said. "The charisma he has is every day. He’s extremely consistent as a person. Whether it be the boisterous personality, whether it be the way he leads, whether it be really everything he brings, the workout routine, his work ethic, it’s the same every day.

“I don’t know if surprised is the right word, as much as really excited that is the case. Because that is what you can work with. When you know what you’re getting every day, you can really make all the necessary adjustments, tweaks and whatever needs to be done to try and help him.”

Fisch said it feels like when Newton is on the field it is like recess for him.

“Obviously, Cam is going to stand out because you hear him, you see him," Fisch said. "He certainly loves the game, but it really feels to me when Cam runs out onto the practice field, it’s truly recess for him. It’s the opportunity to go play. We all remember when we were kids and the bell rang, we got to go outside and take a break from the work and go play. That is kind of the feeling I get from Cam every time he comes out here. It’s a happy place and I think that’s great.”

With Jarrett Stidham dealing with a hip injury, it's looking more and more like Newton will be the Week 1 starter.