Why Super Bowl LIII was one of Patriots fifth-round pick Jake Bailey's favorite games of all time


For Patriots fifth-round pick Jake Bailey, Super Bowl LIII was one of his favorite games of all time.

Not because of being a fan of the Patriots or Rams, but rather there were 14 punts in the Patriots' 13-3 win.

"Oh, it got me fired up," the Stanford punter said of the game after being selected by the Patriots last Saturday. "I remember watching the game and all of my friends were kind of like, 'What the heck is going on,' and I was glued to the TV. It was one of my favorite football games of all time to watch."

Bailey was a four-year punter at Stanford where for his career he averaged 43.8 yards per kick. He had an 84-yarder vs. California this fall.

"That was a pretty fun play for me," he said. "I kind of just put the ball up into the jet stream and the wind kind of took it a little bit and the returner didn't catch it. It was a really fun play. Definitely one for my highlight film."

Bailey, a right-footed punter, will battle with Ryan Allen for a roster spot this summer. Although Allen re-signed this offseason, it was just a one-year deal. 

The Stanford product met with special teams coach Joe Judge at the combine and is looking forward to getting started.

"I've been aware of [Bill Belichick's] history [with special teams]," he said. "You guys have a fantastic special teams unit and I think there was some faith in bringing me in. So, I'm really excited to get to work with you guys and learn how to get it done the Patriots' way."