Tom Brady on GHS: Antonio Brown release 'a difficult situation,' details how he wants to get most out of teammates


As part of his weekly interview with The Greg Hill Show, Tom Brady was asked about the release of Antonio Brown.

“I do have a lot of personal feelings, none of which I really care to share," he said. "That is about it. It’s a difficult situation. That’s kind of how I feel.”

After the signing of the troubled receiver, Brady reportedly was "one million percent in" on the move and even offered to let him stay at his house. Ultimately, Brown was released after it was reported he sent intimidating texts to a woman who had accused him of sexual misconduct.While Brady didn't speak on Brown directly, in his answer that followed he opened up on how much he cares about his teammates and does whatever he can do to get the most out of them.

“There’s a lot of human elements and I think because as a player and a person I care deeply about my teammates," Brady said. "I want everyone to be the best they can possibly be. From the day I started with this team, even back I’d say in college, it’s such a tight-nit group and you want everyone to become they best they can possibly be and you try to provide leadership. You try to care for people. You try to provide whatever you think you can to help them reach their highest potential, whatever situation it is. I’ve had a lot of teammates over the years. You invest not just your head, but your heart. You invest your soul. That is what makes a great team. That is what makes a great brotherhood. I think in the end, that is the endearing trait about sports.

"For me, it is the relationships I get to build because they are very meaningful. That is at the heart of philosophically my life. It’s really about great relationships and seeing guys from all different backgrounds, I think it brings all of us together in so many ways. I had a privilege of a great upbringing, parents that were deeply committed, sisters that supported me, great friends. I think from my standpoint, I just try to provide the best I can, those types of things.

"I am very optimistic. People who know me, I think know how optimistic I am and just my belief that positivity and optimism can overcome a lot of things. There’s a lot of things that get in the way of that, and again, I think we’re in a culture that we want to pass judgment so quickly on people. We want to disparage people so quickly. It speaks to me that a lot of people are probably hurting because when you’re not feeling great you want other people to know that. I think it becomes very emotional and again, it’s a tough life. Life is not easy. Football is not easy. Evolving and growing as people is not an easy thing.

"I [was] very different at 22 than I am now at 42. I have a lot more perspective. Life is challenging for all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re Tom Brady or Greg Hill. We all go through different aspects of our life and we try to do the best we can do and we develop friendships and relationships and people that support us. Sports has a great way of bringing a lot of people together and I believe the more you care for people, the more you love people, the more you find joy in your life, the better our society is, the better our communities are, the better our teams are, the better our families are. That’s how I feel.”

According to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, "there were plenty of players who were not happy" with Brown's release, but it was a decision that came from far above them.