Tom Brady via GHS on Brian Hoyer: 'It’s very difficult to see your friends get released'


Roster cuts are some of the most difficult days of the season for everyone involved, including players who see their good friends let go and then catch on with other teams.

This was no different this weekend for Tom Brady when the Patriots released Brian Hoyer, who then signed with the Colts on Monday.

With Hoyer being released, the Patriots are going into the year with two quarterbacks -- Brady and rookie Jarrett Stidham.

“He has been a great friend ever since he came to our team in 2009," Brady said Tuesday on The Greg Hill Show. "I always kept in touch with him. When he came back two seasons ago we picked up right where he left off. He added so much to our meeting room. I had so much trust and confidence in the things that he saw. He also had been exposed to a lot of different offensive systems so he brought some different knowledge — how people ran different offenses and so forth. He always provided great insight and great leadership.

"It’s very difficult to see your friends get released and that was really no different. It’s part of what happens in the NFL. I will never get used to it. I know that any team that Brian is on is a better team for having him. Indy has got a great quarterback in having Brian there.”

Brady also detailed how Hoyer helped him personally.

“Brian provided a lot," he said. "He was a great quarterback for our team and he won an offseason award. He just brought a great positive energy to the team. Always optimistic and I think there’s times for me that I great frustrated or I get down or disappointed with things that may have happened and he would always try and bring me back to center pretty quickly. I love the relationship I have with him. It will certainly continue on in its own personal way. We just won’t be working together.”

The move really wasn't a huge surprise given Stidham was selected in the fourth round in last April's draft. Once the Auburn product proved he could handle life in the NFL, it didn't make much sense to keep three quarterbacks and Hoyer since it would potentially hurt Stidham's development.