Tom Brady Watch: How Chargers do/do not make sense

For the first time in Tom Brady’s 20-year NFL career, the quarterback has the potential to be a free agent. Even though it isn’t for over a month, a number of teams have already been linked to the quarterback. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll look at each of those teams and go through the pros and cons.



There’s a lot to like beginning with the team itself. First off, Keenan Allen is one of the best receivers in the entire league and is coming off a 1,200-yard season, and then wideout Mike Williams is an up-and-coming star. Tight end Hunter Henry is a free agent, but if Brady was in the mix it’s likely a return would be in the cards. Then at running back, there’s Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler are both free agents, but it would seem likely one of them will return, especially if Brady is a possibility. Not to mention, they have a solid offensive line. Of all the potential landing spots, Los Angeles may have the best offense of them all.

Brady also seems to want the TB12 brand to be part of his next destination and Los Angeles would certainly give him that opportunity. With a new stadium being built and plans to make it into a destination spot, there likely would be plenty of available space to build a TB12 Center. Also, the clientele in L.A. is exactly geared towards TB12. 

Last but not least, the Chargers have money to spend and are looking to make a splash to get some attention as it opens a new stadium with the Rams. The Chargers have been a disappoint of late when it comes to fan support in L.A., but getting Brady would certainly change that.


The coaching staff is a bit of a question mark considering there’s really no ties to Brady. If Brady were to join the Chargers, there would be a lot of meetings in terms of getting on the same page and the 42-year-old really wouldn’t know what he’s getting himself into. Anthony Lynn is heading into his fourth season as head coach and isn’t exactly considered one of the best in the NFL.

In terms of offensive coordinator, Shane Steichen is staying with the team, so it’s not like Brady could bring in his own guy. Like Lynn, there’s no real connection to Brady, so there would be some questions with how they would all get along and mesh.

Clearly, the coaching staff is the biggest concern when it comes to the Chargers and Brady.


If Brady does not return to New England, it’s hard not to put the Chargers at the top of the list of potential new teams. They have a great offensive cast, have money to spend, and L.A. would be great for the TB12 brand, not to mention Gisele Bundchen. The biggest question mark is the coaching staff, but it’s not like Lynn has a huge personality. He potentially could allow Brady to come in and do things the way he wants them and not push back much at all. 

The Chargers are certainly in the conversation and will remain in the conversation until Brady actually puts pen to paper somewhere.

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