Tom Brady Watch: How Patriots do/don’t make sense

For the first time in Tom Brady’s 20-year NFL career, the quarterback has the potential to be a free agent. Even though it isn’t for over a month, a number of teams have already been linked to the quarterback. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll look at each of those teams and go through the pros and cons.



The Patriots are the team Brady has spent his entire 20-year career with, so there’s a tremendous level of comfort with the entire organization, especially Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. There would be something to be said for starting and ending a long, tremendous career with the same organization.

While some other teams may have more to offer than New England, there has to be some hesitation with Brady to actually follow through and sign with another team. The familiarity factor cannot be understated enough, especially when it comes to athletes making such big decisions. 

Also, just because the Patriots fell in the Wild Card round this past season, it does not mean they are that far off from getting back to a Super Bowl. They are an offensive piece or two away, which could even come internally with N’Keal Harry or Mohamed Sanu being more than what they were this past season. The Patriots could give Brady as good of a chance as any of his potentially suitors to win in 2020.


It’s clear there are some things Brady has become frustrated with, most notably the lack of weapons he’s been given in recent years. It reached a breaking point this past year when the team did not replace Rob Gronkowski and had him rely on two rookies in the passing game. Also, there are some things he’s grown irritated with Belichick over time. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect him any less or anything like that, it’s just being coached so hard for 20 years takes a toll.

If Brady were to leave the Patriots, he would be betting a ton on himself. What if he goes to another team and has an average year, but misses the playoffs, and at the same time Belichick, with whoever at quarterback, advance deep into the postseason? Wouldn’t that have some impact on how he’s viewed nationally? Some could argue Belichick made Brady and the quarterback wouldn’t have been anything without having him as his coach.

Signing with another team would also likely alter his offseason. In recent years, Brady has skipped the voluntary offseason workout program, including OTAs. He probably couldn’t do this with another team as this would be the time to get to know his new teammates and coaches, while also potentially installing a new offense. Would Gisele Bundchen and his family be OK with this?


It will be fascinating to see how the whole next month-plus plays out. Can the Patriots find a way to get him signed before free agency opens? Will the quarterback actually take free agent visits? What will his value be on the open market? Ultimately, it’s just so hard to see him put pen to paper and sign with another team. Is he tempted to leave New England? Absolutely, but right now it’s just so hard to see it actually happening, and Kraft allowing it to happen.

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