Tom Brady Watch: How Raiders do/don't make sense

For the first time in Tom Brady’s 20-year NFL career, the quarterback has the potential to be a free agent. Even though it isn’t for over a month, a number of teams have already been linked to the quarterback. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll look at each of those teams and go through the pros and cons.



When it comes to Brady and the Raiders, Jon Gruden probably has to be at the top of the list of positives for the 42-year-old QB. The coach loves quarterbacks and would love the opportunity to work with Brady. He would likely give him a lot of power when it comes to personnel and gameplanning on the offensive side of the ball. Gruden is definitely a players coach and probably someone Brady would enjoy playing for at the end of his career.

Another positive is the Raiders have money to spend — roughly $55 million in salary cap space. Also, with them moving to Las Vegas and looking to make a splash, they likely will spend the majority of that money. It’s likely if the Raiders were to acquire Brady, they would also spend significant money on acquiring pieces to surround him. In addition, it’s worth noting the team has two first-round selections in the top 20 overall in April's draft. Las Vegas has the chance to add quite a bit of talent this offseason in a variety of ways.


The Raiders roster isn’t exactly loaded with talent, especially on offense. Besides running back Josh Jacobs, there’s not much to allure Brady. Their pass catchers are wide receivers Tyrell Williams and Hunter Renfrow, and then tight end Darren Waller -- not exactly an attractive bunch. Defensively, they have some young, good players, but they do not have much experience. 

Las Vegas also just doesn’t seem like a destination that would appease Brady and his family, especially Gisele Bundchen. Sure, it’s nice for a weekend when there’s a big boxing or UFC fight, but not to live six months a year. Sure, the family could live somewhere else, but don’t you think they would be there multiple times a month? Also, if TB12 is important to Brady, Vegas doesn’t seem like a great place to set up shop. 


ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported the Raiders are prepared to “pursue” Brady if he hits free agency, and that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Gruden didn’t seem thrilled with Derek Carr last season and Brady would certainly be an upgrade. From Brady’s perspective, if they promise to get him weapons at wide receiver, perhaps he could be talked into it. But, as of now, it does not feel like Las Vegas is as likely of a destination as some have led on.

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