Tuukka Rask reveals to Greg Hill why he left Bruins


Ever since Tuukka Rask opted out of the NHL playoffs on Saturday morning prior to the Bruins' Game 3 against the Hurricanes, there has been lots of speculation about why he did so.

Rask previously revealed in a text message to Dale Arnold that there was a family emergency, but that everything was now fine.

In a pair of phone conversations with WEEI's Greg Hill on Tuesday, Rask shared more details about what happened, and Hill relayed the contents of their conversations Wednesday morning on The Greg Hill Show. (Listen to the full segment here or watch the video above.)

"He is concerned right now with not being a further distraction for his team, which is in the middle of the Stanley Cup Playoffs," Hill said. "He would prefer not to be the story and be something those guys are asked about repeatedly as they try to win a Stanley Cup.

"I can tell you that he got a phone call in the bubble from his wife, because there was a medical emergency with their daughter. Basically the kind of situation where I believe Tuukka Rask did what every parent would do and was obviously very concerned. It was suggested they seek medical help. Without revealing what that was, because I think I probably should leave that to him -- he did tell me -- as a father of two kids, I would be panicked and alarmed upon hearing that about a young kid.

"Again, without necessarily revealing what he would not want me to reveal, he did speak to his daughter and his daughter did express something to him about where he was and what her situation was, which I think would lead any father, any parent, especially one who feels like that's their most important job, parenting, to want to rush to be with their family at that time. Personally, I can't imagine being away from your family, away from your young kids, hearing your daughter say what she said, and not being panicked.

"So he made the decision to come home, and I think he knew that there was no way while that was going on that he would be the best teammate, be the best goaltender for that team that is in the middle of the Stanley Cup Playoffs."

Hill said Rask didn't say if he had any plans to return to the Bruins later in the postseason, noting he would probably have to have that conversation with general manager Don Sweeney and team president Cam Neely before making a decision.

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