Ryan Brasier has interesting take on Astros' scandal


Appearing on the Bradfo Sho podcast with Rob Bradford, Red Sox pitcher Ryan Brasier talked about a variety of subjects, ranging from his extreme Dallas Cowboys fandom to how he viewed the roller coaster that was his 2019 season.

One interesting line of conversation involved how Brasier viewed the recent controversy regarding the scandal involving the Houston Astros. According to the pitcher, these sort of obstacles continue to be something that all big-league hurlers have to come to grips with.

"I’ve had I don’t know how many people ask me about this whole deal with the Astros," Brasier said. "Honestly, it’s partly the teams' fault that are playing them regardless of that’s what is going on. Because you go into a spot where you have to win the last thing you need to do is give one sign. If your pitchers can’t figure out a way to not let them pick your signs then that’s kind of on you. Now, whether or not they were using whatever besides the players doing it themselves on the bases … I feel like you have to go into games like that ready for anything."

Some of the other topics touched on by Brasier included ...

Praising Red Sox assistant pitching coach Kevin Walker: "I really, really was excited whenever they said Walker was going to get a chance to be up there with the big team. He’s one of the top couple pitching coaches I’ve ever had. I really liked playing for him in Pawtucket the last couple of games. A lot of guys have their guys but Walk has helped me a whole bunch. I’m also looking forward to spending a little more time with Bushy and getting in with him."

The differences between this offseason and last offseason: "Everybody who wants through it last year was worn down, no doubt. You play 162 games and then you play 19 more, a full month worth. Not to mention those 19 games are the most exhausting mentally than I had ever been in my life. You’re in every pitch. It’s a different type of exhaustion when you’re done with playoff games. Whether you start Day 1 of the offseason or you wait a month, it is really hard to do what we did in ’18. … I think this offseason is going to be a big offseason for a lot of guys and getting ready to go for the season and I’m hoping once we get to spring training I’ll be ready to rock when I get there."

On the Red Sox bullpen being OK as currently constituted: "Yeah, I think so. All of us … I feel like we had a tight group of guys hanging out outside the field and stuff. … We got peppered with bullpen questions and the kind of revolving door of what was going on. I don’t think it bothered us as a group we were getting doubted the whole year, and it will continue to not bother us going into next year."