Bishop Feehan president provides update on injured hockey player A.J. Quetta


People across New England and really all over the country have been rallying in support of Bishop Feehan varsity hockey player A.J. Quetta, who was seriously injured when he crashed headfirst into the boards during a game Tuesday night.

A GoFundMe page set up by Quetta’s parents on Wednesday has raised over $280,000 as of Thursday morning.

The Greg Hill Foundation has also been raising money for Quetta and his family through an on-air fundraiser during The Greg Hill Show Thursday morning. As of this writing, it has raised over $45,000, with the Foundation matching up to $10,000, HarborOne donating $10,000, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft pledging to match up to $25,000.

Bishop Feehan High School president Tim Sullivan called into the show and provided an update from Quetta’s parents, with whom he had just gotten off the phone.

“They asked me to share a message from them. A.J. is at MGH. He did have his first surgery, and Mr. and Mrs. Quetta told me it went very well,” Sullivan said. “It was a successful surgery. They’re feeling really good about that.

“The most important thing they asked me to share is that they are ‘forever in the debt’ -- that’s their quote -- of everyone, you, your show, your listeners, everyone from around the country now that’s supporting A.J. and them. Mrs. Quetta said it absolutely helps. It’s made the last two days, I don’t know what word she used, it probably wasn’t bearable, but better.”

While the first surgery went well, Quetta still has a long road ahead. On the GoFundMe page, his parents wrote that Quetta “might not be able to move his body again.”

“Yes, last night was a successful surgery, but they need, A.J. needs, a lot of help, a lot of support for a long, long time,” Sullivan said. “That’s absolutely true.”

Sullivan also wanted to highlight the efforts of Quetta’s teammates and the way they have come together in the just over 36 hours since Quetta was injured.

“The hockey community… we’ve got 25 teams at Feehan and every team is close, but hockey teams are closer. And this has been incredible,” Sullivan said. “Our boys, A.J.’s teammates, they’ve got ‘A.J.’s Army.’ They’re starting that.

“They’re going to be skating [Friday] night for A.J. Our game is on tomorrow night. It’s COVID, so there’s not going to be fans there, but the boys are going to be playing for A.J., and they’re also planning other efforts to support A.J. and his family. So those kids have been incredible. They love A.J. and they’re going to keep on working hard.”