Listen: Jack Edwards rants about Brad Marchand suspension, NHL inconsistency


Jack Edwards had some stuff to get off his chest when he joined Merloni & Fauria for his weekly appearance on Thursday.

Asked what he thought about Brad Marchand being suspended three games for slew-footing, NESN’s Bruins play-by-play voice launched into a rant explaining why he thought the suspension was “rubbish.”

“I happen to think the suspension is rubbish,” Edwards began. “I take exception to the way the voiceover was done by the Department of Player Safety, because in slow motion, George Parros seems to be able to read guys’ minds, or he thinks he has that power.

“Because if you look at it in real-time, Marchand is engaging a much taller man in Oliver Ekman-Larsson, he lifts his stick, they both go off-balance, Marchand is trying to balance on the outside edge of his left skate, the contact is on the right side, and naturally he uses his right leg as balance. He follows through with the stick lift and Ekman-Larsson goes down in a backward fashion. But Marchand -- and feel free to disagree -- is no longer that type of player. He doesn’t seek cheap shots. He was trying to get the puck and dislodge Oliver Ekman-Larsson for it.”

Edwards then ripped the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for its inconsistency, pointing out that in the Bruins’ next game against the Red Wings on Tuesday, Detroit’s Michael Rasmussen slew-footed Mike Reilly, did not get a penalty, and did not face any supplemental discipline.

“Two nights ago, against the Red Wings, Mike Reilly gets nailed for a retaliatory crosscheck. Yeah, crosscheck because he got slew-footed!,” Edwards exclaimed. “Did you hear of Rasmussen getting suspended for slew-footing? Rasmussen -- I had our truck replay it -- he aims at Reilly’s heel with the toe of his skate. It was a classic slew-foot! You kick out a guy’s skates from under him. You don’t, as Marchand did, lift your leg to try to balance and flip the guy over your leg. I totally disagree with the suspension.

“Look up slew-footing, and you don’t find the kind of illustrative language that Marchand carried out. You find the sort of language that Michael Rasmussen executed on Mike Reilly. You kick a guy’s skate out from under him, that’s slew-footing. George Parros has turned it into dart-board justice once again. … The DOPS has just been so haphazard in its punishment of players in the last two and a half years that it’s a black box. When you get a call from them, you know they have an agenda.”

Listen to the rant and the rest of the interview with Edwards below:

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