Does Jaylen Brown feel disrespected by Celtics fans?


Nothing says NBA offseason like trying to decipher players' social media accounts.

On the Celtics' front, Jaylen Brown made some waves on Sunday when he "liked" a tweet from a fan that read, "Jaylen Brown is so disrespected by Celtics fans".

Does Jaylen Brown want out of Boston?

It's unclear exactly what prompted both the initial tweet and Brown's reaction, as it certainly seemed like Celtics fans were overwhelmingly positive towards Brown this season, with a little bit of criticism for his postseason turnover issues mixed in.

The biggest Brown-related headline this weekend, aside from his "like," was Brian Scalabrine suggesting that the Celtics could put together the best trade offer for Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant by building a package around Brown.

Perhaps that's the "disrespect" being referred to. Scal is obviously a Celtics fan in addition to being an analyst, but he's still just one person. If anything, the reaction from other Celtics fans on social media seemed to be overwhelmingly against Scal's idea.

Still, whether the "disrespect" is real or imagined, Brown being unhappy at all is probably something the Celtics would prefer to not have to deal with during an offseason when they're looking to build on this year's NBA Finals run.

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