Kyrie Irving appears to be spreading burning sage throughout TD Garden


Kyrie Irving was evidently not going to leave anything to chance Friday night.

Making his return to TD Garden as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, the mercurial guard could be seeing spreading what appeared to be burning sage throughout the arena and around the court prior to his team's preseason game against the Celtics.

The act -- also known as "smudging" -- is used for multiple reasons according to Web sites touching on the subject, including infusing positive energy.

It is a practice also implemented by Celtics star Jaylen Brown, who hasn't necessarily been seen trying to impact entire arenas with the act.

“The next essential element is sage. If you don’t know what it is, you have to know it," Brown told GQ Magazine. .” Like the same thing with tea, I like to travel with it in my bag. You know, when I get to several places where I go I just like to greet the area lightly just to make sure the aura is clean when I’m walking in it. ”

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports