LeBron James calls Boston fans 'racist as f***'

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LeBron James didn't hold back while discussing Boston fans on the latest episode of "The Shop." When asked why he hates Celtics fans so much, the Lakers star gave a blunt answer.

"Because they racist as f***," James said.

James goes on to say that Boston fans "will say anything," but that he's gotten used to it.

"I don’t mind it," James said. "I hear it. If I hear somebody close by, I’ll check them real quick. I move onto the game. ... They’re going to say whatever the f*** they’re going to say. They might throw something on you. I mean, I got a beer thrown on me leaving the game."

It's obviously an explosive accusation regardless of who it comes from, but there's an extra layer with James given that he also has business interests in Boston. James is technically a part-owner of the Red Sox by virtue of being a partner with Fenway Sports Group.

Back in 2017, shortly after Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones said he was called the n-word at Fenway Park, James said he couldn't recall ever hearing anything racist directed at him in Boston.

It's possible things have changed since then. And obviously we know plenty of other athletes have said they've heard racist comments in Boston.

Celtics guard Marcus Smart acknowledged last year that he has heard "a couple" racist slurs used at TD Garden over the years. In 2020, the Red Sox put out a statement saying there had been seven reported incidents of racist slurs at Fenway the year before. That was in response to Torii Hunter saying he had been subjected to racism at Fenway during his playing career.

It will interesting to see if the Celtics and/or Red Sox (given their business ties) respond to these comments from James.

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