Gresh: Courting Rick Carlisle, signing Stephon Gilmore, Mike Tyson's next fight and other thoughts


You read it where I wrote it ...

Last week I mentioned how I have a high school graduate who will be off to Alabama in the fall. My other son got his driver's license this week and I feel both excitement with reality. They’re closer to being ‘off the payroll’ (and you parents don’t dare act like you don’t think about it often) but a kid driver drives that payroll up in a big way. It’s been a fun but buys time so please excuse my tardiness.

- Shocked at how well the Milwaukee Bucks played in their 104-89 Game 6 win over the New Jersey Nets. As discussed on ‘Gresh & Keefe’ you have to wonder if Gianni Antetokounmpo’s game translates to late game playoff execution.

- The Celtics have to interview Rick Carlisle for the open head coaching position. Carlisle resigned as Dallas Mavericks coach making seven teams in need of a new head coach.

- I’m not buying the lobsterman’s story about being in the mouth of the whale. Not, one bit.

- Joe Exotic is partnering with Jason Hervey (TV show, ‘The Wonder Years’. Google it kids) to start a marijuana business. Ol’ Joe is behind bars. Murica!

- I don’t think the Patriots NEED to tweak Stephon Gilmore’s salary of $7 million dollars this season. But I think they will with easy to achieve incentives. $1.5 million for 75 percent snaps played. Try $1.5 million for 3 or more INT’s.

- Alabama has a football player named Kool Aid McKinstry.

- And Jimmy Kimmel is the sponsor of the L.A. Bowl. Another example as to why the bowls aren’t going away anytime soon.

- And on a college football note, the news of an expansion of the College Football Playoffs is a massive development in sports. If handled properly, this could become bigger than the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

- There has been a lot of international soccer going on and I don’t understand any of what league or tournament this is or why I should care.

- I am going to the Conor McGregor fight in Vegas on July 10 and am already unusually excited.

- For those who listen to ‘Gresh & Keefe’, yes. I am that picky an eater. FORMER FAT GUY NOTE: When I worked at ESPN radio and was driving home from Bristol, Conn., I would go to Long John Silvers and get corn on the cob on a stick. Quite a site if you were driving beside me.

- No one can create a mess all by themselves like Major League Baseball.

-- f there is a God in heaven, Mike Tyson will fight Logan Paul. For real.

- While LeBron James may be correct in his criticism of the NBA about how quickly they returned to play after the bubble, but what options did they really have?

-Thanks to Rob Bradford for allowing me to spew my B.S. each week.

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