NFLN’s Rapoport on GHS: It’s possible these Stephon Gilmore trade rumors ‘are kind of old’


The Patriots ugly record amidst a three-game losing streak combined with the upcoming Nov. 3 trade deadline has injected life into trade rumors in New England.

The most notable story, reported most aggressively by Monday Morning Quarterback, is that New England could be considering trading reigning Defensive Player of the Year cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show on Wednesday morning, NFL Network information man Ian Rapoport said those rumors may be out of date.

“I’ve heard the rumors with Stephon Gilmore, probably like a lot of people, but I haven’t heard the recently,” Rapoport told the Greg Hill Show on WEEI. “I know teams called the Patriots in March. I know there was some discussion when Gilmore wanted a new contract, that was before the season.
I just haven’t heard of anything recent. So it’s possible these rumors are kind of old. Now, the Patriots’ record is what it is. Gilmore is still one of the best players in football. He’s due a huge new contract after the season. So if you are the Patriots and you decide, all right this is probably more of a rebuilding year than we wanted it would made sense to trade him if he was not part of your future. I also know the Patriots rarely give third contracts. So that would also make sense. I just haven’t gotten anything that anything is imminent on Stephon Gilmore.”

Though the Patriots defense isn’t playing nearly as well as it did a year ago and Gilmore isn’t making nearly as many plays as he did in his historic 2019 season, Rapoport still thinks that the cornerback has a high value in NFL circles.

“He is still one of the best players in football. I don’t think his value is going down any way,” Rapoport said. “Especially the position he plays, yes a good pass rush can help. But I don’t think anyone’s going to be like OK now because the Patriots defense doesn’t look great Gilmore is now not as valuable as he was. To me he is still very valuable, very good. I would say if he wants a new deal, which he probably will after this year, I think he wanted it before this year, but now definitely will after this year, it’s really a question of are the Patriots going to give it or is it going to be someone else? He’s going to get a deal. I don’t see him getting on the field (in 2021) for what is left on his contract. It’s just a matter of do the Patriots trade him and he gets a new deal with his new team or do the Patriots end up doing it?”

The Greg Hill Show also reported on Wednesday morning that Gilmore’s house in Foxborough is for sale, with offers due the night of the trade deadline. Rapoport acknowledged that such real estate transactions can be misleading.

“I don’t know what to make of it, honestly,” Rapoport said. “I’ve been through this before where star players or coaches or whoever put their house on the market. Sometimes it means they’re getting traded and sometimes it means they are just buying a new house.”

The 30-year-old Gilmore has one year left on his contract, the 5-year, $65 million deal he signed with New England as a free agent in 2017. He’s set to have a base salary of $7 million in 2021. The Patriots adjusted Gilmore’s contract in training camp, bumping up his salary by $5 million for this season as well as adding incentives.