Bill Belichick acknowledges improvement, but adds Patriots have a way to go


Bill Belichick joined The Greg Hill Show Monday morning for his final appearance of the season following the Patriots' loss to the Bills Saturday night.

"Just generally didn't play as aware and alert or as well as I think we're capable of playing, and that, of course, some of that responsibility falls back to myself and the coaching staff that we've got to do a better job of getting the team to perform better, obviously," he said.

While the team had a poor showing Saturday night in the Wild Card round, it did make the playoffs with a rookie quarterback following going 7-9 a year ago, so progress was made. But, Belichick did note there's still a lot of work that needs to be done.

“For me, I enjoy the job," he said. "It’s challenging, but I enjoy all aspects of it. Robert and Jonathan [Kraft] have been very supportive and they’ve given me great opportunity to try and do the things we need to do to have a good team. And the players have worked hard. The coaches have worked hard. We certainly have made a lot of improvement from where we were last year, but we certainly have a way to go as well. We’ll work hard and continue on that path.”

Click below to listen to the full interview, including thoughts on the future at the 13:30 mark.

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