Bill Belichick gives update on Stephon Gilmore


Stephon Gilmore has missed the last three games with a knee injury sustained in practice the week ahead of the Bills game.

With the new injured reserve rules, Gilmore could have been placed on injured reserve to get a roster spot if the team knew he would have missed at least three games.

That did not happen, so did Gilmore have a set back?

Bill Belichick was asked about that via video conference Friday morning.

“I think if we would have known he would have been out for a certain period time then that would have been an option,” he said. “But as I said, he’s worked hard to get back and he’s making good progress. We’ll see how things go here this week and next week and so forth and see where it takes us.”

Belichick also said the cornerback has done good work behind the scenes even though he hasn't been playing in games.

“Steph was great on that,” he said. “Obviously he has a lot of experience and has played against the players we’ve played against the last few weeks: Buffalo, the Jets, and Baltimore. He’s very good. He prepares like he’s going to play and helps the other players that are going to play with things that he’s familiar with and can give guidance and can teach from. So, Steph works hard. He works hard to prepare himself, but he’s a good teammate and he works hard to help those, in this case, that were playing in his place.

“He’s well-respected and deservedly so because of his effort, his consistency, and his performance and preparation. And really knowing not only our game plan and what we want to do, but knowing our opponent and what their either individual or kind of team tendencies are, including the quarterback.”

Based on how things are trending, it appears like Gilmore will make his return Sunday afternoon in Houston.