Brian Hoyer gives his take on QB training camp stats


FOXBOROUGH -- Quarterback passing stats are a major part of coverage of training camps around the NFL.

Josh McDaniels said Wednesday he doesn't pay too much attention to them and then Thursday, Brian Hoyer echoed his thoughts.

“The thing you guys have to remember is this is practice," he said. "This is when you try new things. This is when you are learning new plays. There’s also different goals for every period, I would say. Some periods it may seem like, ‘Oh man, no one completed a pass.’ But, if you’re going to the right place and it’s a new play, you have to work on the timing of a route, like that is what practice is for.

"I don’t really follow the media very much, but for us it’s more about did you run the play correctly? Did you go to the right area? Obviously, when you’re throwing to someone you always want to complete the ball. That’s obviously the goal, but there’s also maybe you’re trying to hold a safety a certain way and now you’re throwing the ball blind. But, that is something you have to do. When Devin McCourty is back there, you can’t stare someone down. You are a little bit experimenting with things and the only chance to learn is on the practice field.”

Hoyer continues to mentor the other quarterbacks in the Patriots QB room since he has the most experience.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports