Cam Newton on GHS: I bet Bill Belichick would be so dope at a bar


Now that Cam Newton has experienced a full season in New England playing for Bill Belichick, what surprised him most about the legendary coach?

“How cool he was," he said Monday on The Greg Hill Show. "I really thought it was like, ‘Oh my goodness, he’s going to be that sour principal that you never want to see in the hallways.’ He’s so cool, man. He’s a guy who, you know, for what it’s worth he seems like that guy you just want to have a drink with. Just sit down and like, ‘Hey man, can I kick it?’ You know what I am saying, ‘Let’s chat.’ I bet he would be so dope at a bar. I mean, he's got stories out the wazoo. I have never seen him on those instances, just FYI.

"Every time we talk, every time we just have an encounter it’s much appreciated because you know how much football is just flowing in his head. But yet, he has a great way to motivate guys, to understand that this game is not necessarily about the hype or how the media may heighten this whole situation rather than it’s about us and our fundamentals. He does a great job reminding us that constantly.”

Newton will be a free agent, so this may be is only season playing for Belichick.