Cam Newton on GHS reveals his biggest regret because of COVID


COVID-19 has been a major part of the 2020 NFL season with every team in the league being impacted by it.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday, Cam Newton revealed his biggest regret because of it, which had to do with not getting to know his new teammates as well as he normally would have.

“I think my only regret about COVID is this: I am a very social person. I am a social peer. I am a social teammate. I am a social human being. It’s one thing to know a person on a football side, [but] COVID affected our team in a way to make a lot of us feel like associates or co-workers rather than really feeling like a team at times," he said. "And hear me out when I say, ‘at times.’ Because for me, if this was not the case, obviously you can have guys over, you can really find out the personal side. ‘Hey man, you got a girl? Are you married? How many kids do you have? What’s your player language?’ There’s a thing out there that says, 'What’s your love language?’ What’s your player language? Are you the why who gets riled up in tense situations?

“You don’t necessarily know that or find that out until going through certain situations. And we didn’t have preseason. We didn’t have opportunities to kind of break and say, ‘Hey bro, every Thursday a different player is going to host Thursday Night Football.’ ’Hey, bro, let’s go on a dinner date with the wives or the girlfriends’ — things that I am used to doing.

“Sometimes I think this year, it affected a lot of me because I didn’t necessarily know (my teammates). And it’s not an excuse, more of less the reality of being in a situation where a lot of people were affected and a lot of people were affected in a different way. If I had one thing that I could just go back and change, I would have changed that — not being able to really connect with people early on because of the limitations that COVID presented.”

With the loss Sunday, the Patriots fell to 6-8 and will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports