Christian Fauria: NFL players may be on verge of striking


There is chaos in the NFL, and according to Christian Fauria it might lead to the players putting a halt to the 2020 season.

After a week of positive COVID-19 tests and rearranging multiple teams' schedules -- with the Patriots' Monday game against the Broncos being moved to next Sunday serving as the latest example -- Fauria suggests the NFL players might be on the verge of saying enough is enough.

"I do feel like they are on the verge of striking," Fauria said on WEEI's 'NFL Sunday' with Jermaine Wiggins and Rich Keefe. "I do. I feel like there is some anarchy coming from the players because all it takes is a couple of guys to kind of start throwing out doubt and uncertainty. 'Look at what they are doing to us. We're being used.' I think you're starting to hear ... And all it takes is a little spark until the rep for the next team says, 'What are we doing?' I think it has something to do with the Tom E. Curran ... Because I've been hearing similar rumblings and when you guys said it, I was like, 'Huh ...' And then I read his tweet I was like, wait a second, I was kind of hearing something similar that, 'Hey, we're not just going to let them use us like a bunch of test dummies. We're not going to let them use us as some lab rat.' I think that is a problem. That is a problem that they are going to start getting some pushback. Not from the coaches, but from the players. That's going to be their problem."