Esiason: ‘I would not be surprised if Bill was coaching somewhere else next year’


With the Patriots at 2-8 coming back from their bye, there are more questions about what happens after this miserable season than what happens during the rest of it.

The two biggest questions: What happens at the quarterback position? And what happens with Bill Belichick?

On The Greg Hill Show Monday morning, co-host Jermaine Wiggins asked CBS analyst and WFAN host Boomer Esiason what he thinks is most likely: Belichick and Mac Jones both return, neither returns, or one returns without the other. Listen to the full interview above.

“I would think that it's unlikely both are back next year,” Esiason began. “Let's put it that way. I think that that's why I put that one on the top of the list, that one of the two are not going to be back, and most likely Mac Jones is not going to be back.”

From there, Esiason added that he wouldn’t be surprised at all if Belichick is gone, too.

“Number two, I would probably say that I would not be surprised if Bill was coaching somewhere else next year,” he said. “I would not be surprised. Now, I'm not going to go to the length of some people and say, ‘I know exactly where he's going because he knows where he's going.’ I'm not gonna say that because I don't know that. I have no inkling of that.

“But I can honestly say to you that I can see two men sitting down, respecting one another and saying to each other that, ‘Maybe it's time. Maybe it's run its course. Maybe things need to be different around here.’ And if Robert Kraft wants to change the way things are done up there, he's going to have to most likely let Bill Belichick leave, because Bill controls everything. You guys know that better than I do. He's not going to take a diminished role in any aspect of any of it up there.

“And I do know that he wants to get that win total record, and I would be the same way if I were him, that I would want that record in the worst way. So, in order to do that, he may have to go to another team. Who that other team is, I have no idea.”

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