Examining potential of Cam Newton returning to Patriots


One of the names generating a lot of buzz in recent days when it comes to the Patriots’ quarterback situation for 2021 is Cam Newton.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss said on Dale & Keefe last Friday that he wouldn’t close the door just yet on the quarterback returning, and then NFL Media's Mike Giardi had similar thoughts appearing on the show Tuesday.

This was met with a lot of blowback from the fanbase, but should it?

For starters, it’s very unlikely Newton would be brought back as the only option to start next year. Whether he would be paired with another veteran or a quarterback selected high in the draft, it wouldn’t make sense to only have Newton as an option for 2021.

And based on what we saw last season, wouldn’t Newton be an ideal backup?

He was the ultimate teammate and did everything right Monday-Saturday; he just struggled on game day. And when it comes to a potential mentor for a rookie quarterback, from what he showed in 2020, Newton seems like a good player for that.

When it comes to timing, wouldn’t it be similar to last year when it was very late in the offseason and Newton didn’t have anywhere else to go? It doesn’t seem like the Patriots will be making Newton a priority when free agency hits, so if he’s available later in the offseason would it really hurt to bring him back?

Even if he’s looking for say $8-10 million, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world considering the Patriots paid Tom Brady $12.5 million last season for doing nothing.

There’s even the argument Newton would be significantly better than he was this past season now that he’s had a full year in the system and likely would have better talent to work with.

Bringing Newton back doesn’t mean he’s starting for the team in Week 1 and when it’s positioned like that, it actually makes some sense.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports