Fitzy: A Patriots fan's Christmas list


Dear Santa,

Hi. How have you been? Long time no speak. What a year, right? Probably should have checked in on you sooner. Things have been pretty crazy here, but I’m hanging in. Was wondering about you earlier this year. Thought maybe I asked for too much last year. I know the gifts have to be spread out amongst all the good boys and girls of football fandom, but losing to Miami, and then Tennessee, and then Tom goes to Tampa? Yikes! Gonna have to go back and see what landed me on the Naughty List in 2019.

I know we’ve got an awful lot to be thankful for after the last twenty years. We’ve received more gifts than any fan could hope for in several lifetimes. Still there are a few things I believe this team needs. Plus, I’ve been a good fan this year, I promise. Or as good as one can be when you can’t do too much. Followed the team with just as much dedication as ever. Despite the ups and downs for the team, and in our daily lives, you’d see the smile on my face, but, well, you get it. And wishing for them to just be competitive won’t be enough. We’ve got specific issues to address.

A trip to the playoffs this season might be a big ask (you’re Santa, not a miracle worker!) And don’t worry, I won’t be asking for Tom to come back. What a gift our time rooting for him was. I realize he’s moved on, plus he’s not a big fan of the weather up our way. We’ve moved on too, reluctantly. But we do miss him, even though it’s weird to watch him throw touchdowns to Gronk in somebody else’s uniform. Like kissing your cousin under the mistletoe weird.

So, here’s my list. Feel free to check it twice. I know I won’t get all of it. Got a feeling I’m not the only fan asking for some of these things.

TWO NEW QBs: Cam was a nice surprise, like finding a stocking gift hiding in the back of the closet in June. And it’s been a good ride with him. Unique, thrilling at times, disappointing at others. And while he’s tried his hardest I think it’s best both parties move on this offseason. We’ll always be grateful for everything he’s done and said, not to mention how much the team liked him. But I think everyone believes he’s not the long-term answer. Bringing in a dependable veteran QB to steady the ship, who doesn’t look like he’s giving birth while throwing the ball would be a plus. And drafting a potential QB of the future with a high pick would almost be Christmas enough. Let’s say a Fitzpatrick/Trask combo? Though I know you can’t deliver Lawrence, Fields or Lance. We’re flirting with reality for a change this year, Santa.

AN ELITE FREE AGENT WR: Since the Patriots have such a hard time drafting wide receivers why not use that surplus of salary cap and pluck one off the top of the free agent market? Been a while since the team had a legit #1 threat that didn’t play tight end. Allen Robinson or Kenny Golladay would look awfully nice under the tree in those all navy color rush.

RE-SIGN DAVID ANDREWS, LAWRENCE GUY & ADAM BUTLER: Some tough choices lay ahead in free agency, like any year. Since Joe Thuney will likely leave, the best way to steady the solid O-Line is by holding on to the acnhor, David Andrews. He is one of the best around and is loved by his teammates. Keep him to solidify your O-Line and run game. On Defense, Adam Butler is emerging as a solid tackle, another Belichick undrafted gem who might draw interest but would be a great D-Line building block. And Lawrence Guy is the David Andrews of the D-Line (or is Andrews the Larry Guy of the O-Line?)

EDELMAN TO RETURN: We just watched two all-time Patriot offensive players decide to finish their careers in Florida. It would be nice if another like Jules went box-to-wire in the same uniform. And if he decides he has one more year in the tank and wants to stick around, see what tricks Bill has up his sleeve, I’m sure coach would love his toughness and leadership. And if he does leave please don’t let him go to Tampa.

BILL BELICHICK TO STAY: Anything and everything about the immediate success of the Patriots hinges on coach continuing his legacy at One Patriot Place. While some have mused he might walk sooner than we think I believe he still has a lot of coaching left to do. Nobody’s done it better, nor would his replacement. He sure can be a Grinch at times, but he’s our Grinch. Plus we’ve already dealt with enough legendary Foxboro figure turnover for the decade, thanks.

MORE DEFENSE IN THE DRAFT: So long as it’s not an early round wide receiver or third round tight end then we can work with it. But when the league trends offense, and your coach is known for defense, and his son is calling the plays, giving the kid what he wants; someone who can generate a pass rush and cover an unheard of tight end from Houston on 3rd-and-9. That would be a nice place to start.

TO GO TO A GAME: The tailgates. The prepping for the tailgates. The camaraderie. The energy. The noise. The concession lines. The crowded bathrooms. The cheering. The celebration and commiseration. The opposing fans. The postgame meal. The traffic. I miss and want all of it again so badly. Not to mention I gotta be there for Brady’s return next fall.

THROWBACK UNIFORMS: C’mon, even Santa has to admit how cool it would be to see those red jerseys and Pat Patriot helmets back in action. Once synonymous with losing, now romanticized and iconic. And if the team were to revert to a long championship drought again, well, there’d be a definite comfort factor.

OK, thanks, Santa! Merry Christmas to all! GO PATS!

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports