Gresh: You read it where I wrote it


This is graduation season and I sat through my first Baccalaureate on Wednesday evening, and that’s why this column is a tad late. We sat for a part of it in silence for over an hour. AN HOUR. It made me realize that while silence is golden, sitting in silence waiting for those to have an epiphany is not golden. Anyway, congrats to all the 2021 high school grads including my oldest.

- The Boston Bruins are in a tricky spot. They have aging players that they still need to count on, but how do they massively change the roster without thinking of trading someone like a Patrice Bergeron?

- I am FASCINATED by what Brad Stevens will do as the general manager. I don’t think he will flop, but I also don’t have supreme confidence that he will be able to shake some of ‘Trader’ Danny residue that’s left behind.

- The one good thing about the Bruins being eliminated from the playoffs, no more Joe Micheletti.

- If Game 6 vs. the Islanders was Tuukka Rask’s last game in a Bruins uniform, I will be sad to see him go. He’s been great here but will never get the respect he deserves.

- I got this column done lickety split so I didn’t have to hear from Gresh & Keefe producer John Andersen who called me out on air for not having this done the night before. A small win for him, he needs them.

- If you are not watching the show on Twitch, you’re missing out. The visuals of this show must be seen by all.

- I am a HUGE NO on Mike D’Antoni as Celtics coach, unless he is the safety net for a former player like a Chauncey Billups. And even then, I’m iffy.

- VICE’s hit pro wrestling series, “Dark Side of The Ring” this week is on ‘The Dynamite Kid’. Apparently the guy was a real asshole, but the guy could wrestle. I’m interested in how they balance telling his story without completely crapping on the guy.

- I can't figure out if the Red Sox are truly a World Series contender or not.

- Another thing I can’t figure out in Charcuterie boards. Just slam some beef & cheese on a plate and be done with it.

- For those who listen to ‘Gresh & Keefe’, yes. I am that picky an eater. However, once in a while for a dessert, I will eat a whole container of Cool Whip.

- As I said last week, the most underrated and under-appreciated player in Boston is Bergeron. But it may be time to consider using him to improve this B’s team long-term.

- This weekend is a great UFC PPV card led by a title fight between Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori for the middleweight title. Vettori has talked a lot of junk, but Izzy is fantastic and will retain. Nate Diaz is also on this card, I think we would be friend.

- The NHL expansion draft and all of its rules and machinations give me an ice cream headache. However, if handled properly, Don Sweeney can use it to improve the B’s.

- Thanks to Rob Bradford for allowing me to spew my B.S. each week.

Gresh is co-host of ‘Gresh & Keefe’ 10a-2p, Monday-Friday on the WEEI Sportsradio Network. He is also co-author of ‘The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists’