Mac Jones, Devin McCourty will navigate Bills fans a little differently

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Everyone knows Bills Mafia is one of the most passionate fan bases in the entire NFL.

The Patriots will visit Orchard Park, New York Monday night, which is sure to be a tremendous atmosphere. Devin McCourty has been around long enough to know Bills fans make their presence felt even when the team busses are pulling into the stadium over three hours before kickoff.

McCourty embraces it all.

“You’ve gotta think twice how loud you want to yell as a Patriot fan when you’re in the stands in Buffalo,” McCourty said Wednesday. “There’s going to be a lot of rowdy Buffalo fans. Not just during the game, when our busses roll in three and a half hours before the game. There’s going to be middle fingers. We’re going to get everything. I think as a competitor, you like that.

“There’s going to be boos and I think as a competitor you like that. You like going on the road in a hostile environment. It bonds our team together. We know when we go out there Monday night, it’s just us. It’s going to be whoever is wearing a Patriots logo — and there might be a few fans there that we probably won’t be able to hear — but (when) you go on the road it’s supposed to be just you and your group and you have to go perform with that.”

Meanwhile, rookie quarterback Mac Jones hasn’t experienced a NFL crowd like he will Monday, but he does have some experience with hostile environments playing in the SEC.

While McCourty embraces it, Jones’ mindset seems to be ignore it all.

“I think it’s great energy but I don’t ever try to watch or anything. I just look at my phone or just sit there,” Jones said. “But I guess some people can look at it and enjoy it. But it is fun wherever you’re playing just to sometime get a peek at the city and see everybody.”

It’s a huge game in terms of the standings, as the Patriots come in leading the AFC East at 8-4, while the Bills are right behind them at 7-4.

“I think people who love football want to get a chance to play in games like these,” Jones said. “I know all the guys on both teams want to play in games like this, so it’s going to be a great experience. I know they have a bunch of great fans. And it is football, so you just have to go out there and play the game that we’ve all played since we were little kids.”

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