Ian Rapoport on G&K discusses J.C. Jackson's future in New England, including potential of being traded

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Gresh and Keefe
Gresh & Keefe - Ian Rapoport believes a JC Jackson trade at the deadline could happen, but isn't very likely
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J.C. Jackson is one of the better young cornerbacks in the NFL.

Jackson is playing on a second-round tender worth $3.384 million and will be a free agent after the year.

Appearing on Gresh & Keefe, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport discussed the future of the Patriots corner, including potentially being dealt ahead of the NFL trade deadline next week.

“I would say there is a possibility [of being traded]," he said. "I don’t consider it a great one because he’s a very good player, he’s on a cheap contract. And theoretically the Patriots could keep him next year, too. Of all the scenarios you laid out, to me personally, I am not saying nothing can happen, but to me a long-term deal probably seems the least likely. But, a franchise tag is possible. The Patriots could end up keeping him. I don’t know that he’s definitely gone because he is a very good player and the quality of player to warrant a franchise tag.

"I don’t know that the Patriots are really in the mindset of giving up really good, young, still relatively cheap players. If the season was lost and they definitely weren’t going anywhere, maybe. I just don’t quite get they are in that mode now.”

Through seven games this season, Jackson has three interceptions.