Jim Nagy on D&K raves about Mac Jones, seems to like potential fit with Patriots


When it comes to the Patriots and the quarterback position in the draft, the name mentioned the most is Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.

There's a chance he gets selected prior to the Patriots being on the clock at No. 15, but if he's there it could be a logical fit.

Appearing on Dale & Keefe Wednesday, Senior Bowl director and former Patriots scout Jim Nagy raved about Jones and believes he would fit well in New England.

“If Josh [McDaniels] wanted to go back to what they were when I was with Josh up there in New England and all those Brady years, they would do all the same stuff," he said when asked if Jones would be a good fit.

Nagy saw a lot of Jones the week of the Senior Bowl and it's clear he liked what he saw.

“I am not just saying this because he was in Mobile all week, he had three really good days of practice, he got hit in the leg in the National Championship game, had a pretty bad bone bruise on his leg, and then our last day of practice he rolled his ankle pretty good," he said. "So, he was on two bad wheels. He had a really nice week of practice. Mac is a really good player and to me, the more I watch Mac the more I like him. He’s a guy that was a first-year starter, that is where his upside his. He’s really been a one-year starter and when you watch the SEC tape from this fall, did a ton of good things. He’s a guy that really knows how to play the position. And then you go to the College Football Playoff and he took it up another notch. His best football is still ahead of him. Everyone acts like he’s this polished, finished product and he’s really not.

"I think the great thing about Mac is you watch him play and the game happens really slowly for him. He goes through progressions as confidently as I have ever seen a guy, all the way down to his check downs. When he’s in a muddy pocket and things are collapsing around him, I was watching a game this morning, his ability to know where his backs are and get the ball out and avoid negative plays [is great]. I think Mac is polarizing right now because the league, the trend right now is find the more athletic guy who can move around and buy time, but Mac is not that guy. He’s just not.

"But, people kind of talk out of both sides of their mouth with the quarterback position and if you have the run-around guy, which in Seattle with Russell [Wilson], it was always, ‘Well, Russell has to learn how to win in the pocket now.’ And then you get a guy like Mac and it’s, 'He’s not athletic enough.' You just look at this year’s season with Drew Brees and Tom [Brady] and Philip Rivers and Matt Stafford, there’s a ton of guys who are very similar to Mac winning a lot of football games still in the NFL. So, just because there’s guys like [Patrick] Mahomes and Deshaun Watson out here, doesn’t mean that’s what it has to look like.

"All the Pats fans saw Tom play the position and he’s the greatest player of all time. They saw the play style he played with, and that is very similar to how Mac plays. He’s got a very similar ability to feel pressure, eyes in the back of his head quality, to sidestep guys and retreat and buy himself enough space to make throws — that is Mac’s game. … You can win in the league with Mac’s skillset.”

Jones threw for 4,500 yards, 41 touchdowns and just four interceptions last fall.