Josh McDaniels discusses how he coaches Mac Jones, especially during games

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M&F - Patriots QB Mac Jones joins us to talk about his first game winning drive, this week's improvement journal entry and more 10-11-21
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For virtually his entire career Josh McDaniels coached Tom Brady, so the way he coached him is going to be a lot different than how he coaches Mac Jones.

Speaking via video conference Tuesday, the Patriots offensive coordinator detailed how he's enjoying coaching the rookie because of how much he's learning, even during a game.

“I think he’s demonstrated already in a short time that he’s able to do the things we’re asking him to do," he said. "He’s generally protected the ball. He’s generally found the open player and thrown him the ball accurately and given us the chance to move the ball in the passing game. Again, I just go back to any young player you just try and use those as teachable moments. Sometimes he probably wishes I didn’t have the ability to communicate to him in his helmet because I can actually do it on the spot. I don’t have to wait for him to come over to the sideline. That’s just part of being a quarterback and learning from those experiences and just being able to say, ‘Hey, it’s not there. Be smart. We’re not going to lose on an incomplete pass here, so…’

"He learns by series, honestly. It’s really a fun opportunity to go through this experience with a young player. It’s been this way my whole career. I’ve really enjoyed coaching the young guys because they are sponges and they are going to make a mistake here and there. It’s impossible to believe they are going to go into a game and play 60 minutes and never do anything that needs correction. You just take those opportunities to try and teach them and at the same time, he knows he’s not going to lose my confidence in him. It’s the National Football League. He’s the starting quarterback, we’ve got to try and win the game. I believe in him. I trust him. I trust our entire offense. We just have to go back out there the next time. I think he learns from each one of those opportunities and his mistakes and he’s done a good job of not making it a second time and we’ll continue to press on that.”

McDaniels also noted how every player is different, so he's going to coach them differently, especially within games. With Jones, it's more about teaching.

“You’ve got to have an understanding of who you’re speaking to," he said. "Every player is not the same and each player may need a little something different from you. For the most part, I am trying to just teach with him. Emotion doesn’t do us much good in the middle of the game like that — one way or the other. Not to say the players can’t be emotional when they make a good play or whatever, that’s fine. We’re trying to coach them and correct them, as best I can, which I don’t always succeed at that. You just try to keep the emotion out of it and get the point to them so that if it comes up in a game again, we do the right thing.

“Each guy is different. Each man is different. Tom’s [Brady] different. Mac’s different. [Brian] Hoyer’s different. [Jarrett] Stidham, Jimmy [Garoppolo]. I have had a lot of them. They need a certain type of communication. The most important thing is our communication is understood and the point that we’re trying to make is they understand it and they go out and do it the next time.”

The Patriots will host the Cowboys in Week 6.

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