Mac Jones gives thoughts on getting yelled at by Josh McDaniels


FOXBOROUGH -- On Wednesday, Patriots offensive coordinatorJosh McDaniels joked that rookie quarterback Mac Jones is good at getting yelled at.

Obviously, it's part of being a rookie and making mistakes and said nothing about how Jones has performed thus far.

So, what is it like to get yelled at by the Patriots' offensive coordinator?

"Yeah, I mean, the past is the past, but here it's awesome," Jones said. "Josh is great. He teaches me exactly what I'm supposed to do, and I feel like I'm trying and starting to get to where we're kind of thinking on the same page, and that's how it has to be every day.

"When it's (about) what I did wrong, sometimes he'll yell at me, and that's good because that's what he's supposed to do. His job is to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to do on every play. And for me, it's just about listening to the message, so what did Josh tell me? Ok, got it. Fix it, and let's roll. Because sometimes I'm hard on myself, too, so I can't just beat myself down. You've just got to take the message and run with it, learn and just keep learning. Every experience is a learning experience, so I kind of want to go about it that way."

Jones has been very hard on himself his entire football career, which he noted he's working on getting better at.

"In watching the older guys and stuff here, it's definitely about just staying even-keeled, and when you make a play, have fun with it," he said. "When you make a bad play, just move on. So with practice especially, I'll always be hard on myself. But it's not all about me, it's about the team. They feed off your energy, so if it's one mechanism, a hip tap or I hit myself on the head, I've got to get it out. And then usually I'm good and move on to the next play. But it definitely can improve, and it will, as I get more comfortable."

After a tough first day in full pads on Tuesday, Jones has bounced back with two impressive practices the last two days.

Featured Image Photo Credit: New England Patriots